May 3-8, 2009

10th International Conference on Cohesive Sediment Transport Processes


The INTERCOH conference series was initiated by Prof. A. J. Mehta in 1981, and has been dedicated to improving our understanding of the physical processes of cohesive sediment in natural environments. During a few days and in plenary sessions, engineers and scientists meet to discuss field and laboratory measurements, theoretical and numerical studies on the dynamics of cohesive sediments, including the role of chemical-biological processes affecting their physical behavior.

Illustration Fine sediments accumulate in ports and navigational channels, becoming an important issue with large ecological and economic impacts. The characteristics and behavior of the mud deposits are largely influenced by the local hydrodynamics and the related process are still poorly understood. Therefore, a Special Session will be held on May 4th, in the city of Rio de Janeiro to bring together port authorities, port engineers and the scientific community on cohesive sediment. Simultaneous translation will be provided.

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